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Republicans called Democrats’ bluff. They folded.
NRCC | July 13, 2018

Democrats were just called on their bluff—and they folded instantly.

What started as a fringe far-left paradigm, calls to “Abolish ICE!” rapidly became the new rallying cryof the Democratic Party. Candidates and establishment Democrats alike adopted this radical progressive position—knowing all the while it is unfeasible in practice.

Continuing to posture, Democrats doubled down on their new mantra, introducing a bill to dismantle U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It would only make sense for Democrats to vote for their own bill, right?


The same Democrats who introduced the bill to abolish ICE are now saying they will not support it—now that Speaker Ryan has agreed to bring the legislation to a vote. Confusing, right?

Wrong again.

Democrats, faced with the opportunity to follow through on their extreme-left, ideologically-pure policies, have backed down. Their base has pulled the party so far to the left, Democrats can’t maintain such radical positions and weather the political ramifications in the fall.

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