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Let’s check in on the Dems…
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NRCC IA-03 Poll: Biden 37% approval; Tied Race
AARP Battleground Poll: GOP leads by 4 on generic
MI-07 Poll: Slotkin trailing Barrett; Biden 26 points underwater
DCCC admits Mrvan is vulnerable
DCCC adds more Dems to vulnerable list
ICYMI: Schrader predicts ‘the red wave’ starts in OR-05
Race raters hit Axne with the double whammy
CO Dems bracing for tough November
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Not your grandfather’s GOP
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Aloha, Kai
Clinton Pollster: Voters awash in fears
Nat Journal: MI-08 likely to flip
Nat Journal: MI-07 likely to flip
Nat Journal: MI-10 likely to flip
Nat Journal: IA-03 likely to flip
Nat Journal: WI-03 likely to flip
NYT: Dems head for the lifeboats
Dems’ new strategy: blame the GOP
Crystal Ball: 11 Ratings Changes, All in Favor of Republicans
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DCCC admits IL-13 is in jeopardy
DCCC admits OH-13 is in jeopardy
DCCC admits CO-07 is in play
DCCC expands vulnerable member list
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NRCC Digital Fundraising Skyrockets
red wave warning