John Delaney begs for a new job

August 17, 2016

John Delaney is back on the job hunt again. This week, Delaney is going out to the Eastern Shore to shop his resume around at a statewide conference of county officials, where he’ll beg party leaders to support his likely run against Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. cat

Delaney sure has been busy pitching himself for this new job. Back in March, he drove a mobile billboard around the Maryland State House attacking Larry Hogan. Less than a month ago, he was wining and dining Democratic Party big wigs at the DNC, in an attempt to gain their support. And recently he’s been ramping up his desperate attacks against the Hogan administration.

So given all the time he’s been spending on his political career, when does John Delaney actually work on fixing the problems facing Maryland’s 6th District?

“Instead of working on fixing the problems plaguing Maryland’s 6th District families, John Delaney is once again pleading with party leaders for a new job. John Delaney should be ashamed he’d rather daydream about the Governor’s mansion than help his own constituents.” –NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo