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NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on GA-06 Election
NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on the GA-06 Primary Runoff Election
Will DCCC support McBath or Bourdeaux?
BBB is toxic for Bishop, McBath and Bourdeaux
Will McBath, Bourdeaux and Bishop vote without a CBO score?
No suburban dream for McBath and Bourdeaux
Prices increase thanks to McBath and Bourdeaux
Georgia’s cold winter
Biden, McBath and Bourdeaux want the IRS to spy on Georgians
Lucy McBath called out by the AJC Part. 2
Lucy McBath called out by the AJC
McBath supports amnesty for gang members and sex offenders
Do GA Dems support the biggest tax hike in decades?
Lucy McBath is doomed
McBath and Bourdeaux vote for taxpayer-funded abortions
Fentanyl deaths increase in GA, McBath votes against harsher penalties
McBath and AOC: Team Abolish Prisons
Will McBath and Bourdeaux back amnesty?
McBath and Bourdeaux bankrolled by Defund the Police group
Take me out to the ballgame…but not in Atlanta
What would have been in Atlanta
Will McBath and Bourdeaux reject the endorsement of a sexual predator?
Pelosi threatens to blow up infrastructure bill, do Bourdeaux and McBath agree?
ATL crime rises, Dems pro-crime agenda unpopular
Lucy McBath wants to raise taxes on Georgians
McBath and Bourdeaux silent as crimes soars in ATL
Atlanta homicides and shootings soar
Are Bourdeaux and McBath ready to raise taxes on Georgians?
Georgia business owner can’t find employees
NEW POLL: Georgians come out against MLB’s decision
Biden heads to GA, Lucy still silent
McBath and Bourdeaux vote for violence
Will McBath be next?
McBath is bankrolled by a socialist
TWO FULL WEEKS of silence from McBath and Bourdeaux
13 days of silence from McBath and Bourdeaux
Ossoff against GA boycotts, what about McBath and Bourdeaux?
Democrats are responsible for robbing GA of $100 million
McBath and Bourdeaux hiding on All-Star Game
Does McBath want to destroy 1 MILLION jobs?
ICYMI: McBath and Bourdeaux refuse to comment on All-Star Game change
Do McBath and Bourdeaux support moving the All-Star Game?
Lucy McBath stands with the Defund the Police movement
EDITS for Lucy McBath’s website
Bourdeaux and McBath bail out bureaucrats, not middle class Georgians
McBath’s corrupt COVID package
McBath votes against science
Lucy McBath cancels herself
Look at McBath’s twitter…
NEW GA-06 AD: McBath can’t keep Georgia safe