Nick Rahall’s EPA Problem

May 28, 2014


The new proposed EPA regulations on carbon emissions will have a devastating effect on the economy, especially in West Virginia.

And what does Nick Rahall have to say about that? Whatever it is, we’re sure it will ignore the following votes Rahall has made to either limit carbon emissions or empower Obama’s EPA to do so. Here are the most egregious of Rahall’s votes:

  1. Rahall votes for the Carbon Tax. Here is the vote –>
  1. Rahall voted for HR 2643 (2007), a bill that endorses a cap-and-trade system –>
  1. Rahall supported Obama’s cap-and-trade system that would reduce carbon emissions by 14% by 2025 –>
  1. Rahall voted for Obama’s 2009 cap-and-trade budget –>
  1. Rahall supported Nancy Pelosi’s plan for cap-and-trade –>
  1. Rahall voted to establish and fund greenhouse gas reporting under the EPA – a major part of cap-and-trade –>
  1. Rahall voted against Senator Joe Manchin’s bill to give Congress the power to reject EPA regulations –>

So while Rahall will try and claim that he is against Obama’s War on Coal, his voting record tells a very different story.

NRCC Comment: “As Obama’s EPA prepares new regulations to help fight the War on Coal and end West Virginia’s economy as we know it, Nick Rahall has no one to blame but himself. Rahall helped get Obama elected in 2008 and 2012 and has consistently voted for anti-coal measures in Congress so that he could preserve his status with Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the anti-coal billionaires that are backing his re-election campaign.”– NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior