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House Democrats want to strip Americans of their private health insurance
DeFazio Is All In on Medicare for All
Democrats move forward on Medicare for All
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The socialist Democrats will never learn…
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Abby should look in the mirror
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Comrade Kara’s getting defensive!
Jill Schupp lies to voters about Medicare for all
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Jared Golden lies through his teeth
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Diane Mitsch Bush is a lying liar who lies
Bernie lets the truth slip
Diane Mitsch Bush is still a liar
Mitsch Bush lies again
REMINDER: Jared Golden wants to bankrupt ME hospitals
Mitsch Bush lies to the press
Schupp gets socialist seal of approval
Matt Cartwright wants to destroy rural hospitals
Siegel officially a Bernie Bro
Care to elaborate?
Cartwright earns endorsement from Massachusetts socialist
Wendy Davis nabs socialist endorsement
Socialist seal of approval for De La Isla
East Coast socialist endorses Jones
Socialist endorses Davids
Socialists of a feather flock together
Socialist endorses Finkenauer
AOC of Nebraska takes cash from real AOC
Mike Siegel’s bonkers basement broadcast
Comrade Kara is a little out there
Gina Jones is clueless
Susan Wild supports “big tax increases.”
Jared Golden wants “big tax increases.”
Matt Cartwright wants “big tax increases.”
“these are going to be big tax increases.”
Mike Levin’s idea of “common ground”
will AOC put her money where her mouth is?
let’s talk loony leftists & health care
Golden wants to raise your taxes
Cartwright & Wild want to raise your taxes